a1 or A [ā]
pl. A's, a's [āz]
1. the first letter of the English alphabet: from the Greek alpha, a borrowing from the Phoenician
2. any of the speech sounds that this letter represents, as, in English, the vowel (a) of hat, (ä) of father, (ā) of bake, or (ô) of call
3. a type or impression for a or A
4. the first in a sequence or group
5. an object shaped like A
1. of a or A
2. first in a sequence or group
3. shaped like A
from A to Z
from beginning to end; completely; exhaustively
a2 [ə; ] stressed [, ā]
adj., indefinite article
[form of an before consonants: see AN1, adj.]
1. one; one sort of [we planted a tree]
2. each; any one [a gun is dangerous ]: a connotes a thing not previously noted or recognized, in contrast with the, which connotes a thing previously noted or recognized
[< OE an, on, in, on, at]
to each; in each; for each; per [once a day]: Before words beginning with a consonant sound or a sounded h, a is used [a child, a home, a uniform, a eunuch ]; before words beginning with a vowel sound or a silent h, an is used [an ultimatum, an honor ]
a3 or a' [ô, ä]
Scot. all
1. about
2. absent
3. Physics acceleration
4. active
5. adjective
6. adult
7. alto
8. anonymous
9. answer
10. are (unit of area)
11. atto-

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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